New Year, New Ways To Support Great Indie Fiction

So, thanks to the success of the An Ancient Stirring kickstarter almost two weeks ago, this year has gotten off to a great start for me. However, there is still a ways to go for me to reach my goal of being able to work on my writing full time.

Toward that end, I have no opened a Patreon page, to go along with the Subscribestar page I set up a little while back but hadn’t promoted a whole lot due to focusing on my crowdfunding campaigns.

Both of these pages allow you to pledge a small monthly donation (the highest tiers I have right now are only $10 a month), and they can earn you rewards ranging from a special thanks in each book I release while you are a patron, to getting to see behind the scenes stuff related to my projects, and even getting digital copies of new books. I also expect that over time, as they both grow, I will be able to add more rewards.

A few dollars a month is not a lot, but it will add up for me, and everything I make from both the Patreon and Subscribestar will go into new writing projects, to ensure that I can maintain my current writing pace as I have to also work a day job.

Links to both pages are below, if you feel inclined to contribute, and I look forward to you joining me on what I expect to be an epic and productive writing year!



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