Galaxy Ascendant 4 Is Here!

It’s that time again! I’m proud to announce the official release of book 4 in the Galaxy Ascendant series, A Fiery Reckoning Part 1: Ascendancy’s Rise.

Without getting into spoilers, the book picks up soon after the momentous events at the end of book 3, A Shifting Alliance, as the war took a drastic turn, and things only escalate further as our heroes must adapt to the new situation.

This is the biggest book in the series so far (in terms of plot), and I believe the best book so far. It was a blast to write, to have the journeys of these characters (all of whom we’ve met before, and almost all of whom have been viewpoint characters prior to this) continue onward, in some expected, some unexpected ways, which I know you will enjoy. I know I greatly enjoyed writing it. What’s extra awesome is that there’ll be yet more Galaxy Ascendant coming soon. Book 5 releases in just one month, and it will bring the war to a close as we hurtle into the final chapters of the series.

Special thanks to John Zeleznik, who came through with incredible cover art yet again, and Ben Zwycky, who helped ensure that the book itself was as polished as could be. Thanks as well to Cornelia Yoder, for the updates to the Galaxy map, and to Miryam Merkin, who put together the back cover for the paperback once again.

If you haven’t already got started on the more epic, ambitious space opera series out there right now, you can do so today! Book 1, A Greater Duty, is available for only $0.99.

I hope everyone enjoys (and leaves reviews)!

The A Fiery Reckoning I: Ascendancy’s Rise ebook is live now, and the print will follow in a few weeks; there were some delays with getting that set up.

See below for the epic trailer I put together for books 4 & 5 (no spoilers obviously for either of those, though given that we’re at book 4, obviously potential spoilers in both the trailer & book description.


High Executor Darkclaw and his close allies are hopelessly surrounded, outnumbered, and outgunned.

But the fight is far from over.

Betrayed while on the cusp of victory by his Galactic Alliance allies, High Executor Darkclaw and his Tyrannodon Ascendancy, along with his few remaining allies, find themselves in their most dire predicament yet, with the entire combined might of the Galactic Alliance and the Revittan Empire poised to come crashing down on the literal handful of systems under his control.

Meanwhile, in Imperial space, Darkclaw’s allies now find themselves cut off from any support, and in a worse position than they’ve ever been in.

However, all hope is not lost. The betrayal’s heavy blow failed to be a killing one, and Darkclaw is done reeling from the blow, and now is poised to repay all his enemies in kind, starting with those who betrayed him. No matter what it takes, no matter what it costs him.

The conflict rises to new heights, as every faction within the known galaxy, willing or not, finds itself a part of the war.

The Galaxy Ascendant series returns with a bang, taking the series to new heights as the war continues, and our heroes are pushed to the brink in the story’s darkest chapter yet.

A Fiery Reckoning (Part 2) No Bleed


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