Mecha, and A Giveaway

A short post today, as I try to ramp things back up here after a few crazy weeks. Short term, I hope to at least get one post per week (a substantial post) up, and if I can, gradually do more.

Today, though, I have just a quick announcement, two, actually. The first is the release of Cannon Publishing’s Mecha Anthology, which includes a brand-new tale from the Galaxy Ascendant, quite different from anything I’ve put out before; simple, awesome, mech action.

A bit about the anthology, from its Amazon page:

Feedback from the slight pressure of a hand closing sends a powerful mechanical arm smashing into an opponent. A neural link hurls blustering plasma fire from your suit’s shoulder mounted cannon. Your reactor levels scream with overload as return fire smashes into your armor, and damage alarms wail while you hurl your twenty ton body sideways for cover. 

You’re a Mecha, a mechanical fighting machine with a human pilot. The guy that the infantry curse at in training and pray for in combat. The machine that the last hopes of your people ride on. The construct that strikes fear deep into alien hearts as they hear your turbines power up. The one able to pass through hell and come out the other side victorious, or die trying. 

Cannon Publishing brings you ten stories from current masters of military science fiction that will take you from the magic of a Medieval village to the edges of the galaxy to fight inhuman foes.

Mecha Anthology Cover

Additionally, I’m taking part in a giveaway along with numerous authors. All you have to do to enter is subscribe to my mailing list, which I utilize to send important updates, and news–often before announcing it here or on twitter. I send updates no more than once a month, so no risk of spam! Link to the giveaway is here, and if for some reason you don’t want to enter the giveaway, but want to sign up for my mailing list, here’s a direct link.

Additionally, if you’d like to support me directly (in a manner apart from buying my books), and want to help enable me to produce more bonus Galaxy Ascendant content, such as ship concept art, you can do so over on Subscribestar.

G-d willing, I’ll be back here again before too long!

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