I’m A (Subscribe)Star!

Apologies for that post title. I couldn’t help myself lmao.

But yes, this is a quick post informing you that I am now on Subscribestar! I’d been thinking about starting up this sort of thing for a while, and for political reasons, it made far more sense to go with Subscribestar over Patreon.

For now, I have three different subscription tiers, each with their own perks/rewards. As I said in my first post over there, this is very much a work in progress, so I am open to any suggestions for new/different tiers or rewards.

As an initial goal over there, I hope to be able to raise funds to cover regular supplemental Galaxy Ascendant material, for things like ship concept art, and anything I make beyond that would go toward things like advertising/marketing costs and/or production costs for books or other upcoming projects.

If you’ve already purchased my books, and would like to monetarily support me between releases, or you want to see more awesome Galaxy Ascendant artwork (the first of which should be coming soon!) then head on over there. Look forward to you joining me!

If you haven’t already caught up on the Galaxy Ascendant series, pick up book 3, A Shifting AllianceAnd keep an eye out for another Galaxy Ascendant announcement sometime too 😉

a shifting alliance cover--no bleed final

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