2018 Retrospective, and What to Expect in 2019

2018 is over, and 2019 has begun. (Yes, I know, this is a little late, but my schedule has been busier than normal the past couple of weeks.)

The past year was an awesome, and extremely productive one, so let’s go over some highlights.

So, to start with, I spent the entirety of 2018 in the IDF. I technically drafted in early December 2017, but 2018 is the massive bulk of my service so far. In 2018 I completed basic training, the Hebrew course, and was assigned to my current unit and job, and received my first time-earned promotion. It’s not where I originally wanted to be, and the job itself isn’t particularly interesting or fulfilling, but it could be worse, and it has allowed me to write far more than I would have ever anticipated (more on this later.) As of now, my required service is mostly over, but, depending on what options are open to me, I may well be extending it. I have zero regrets about voluntarily drafting at age 27, and I am proud of the choice I made. I’ll hopefully have a better idea what the future holds in this area within another month or so. My Hebrew has much improved as well, and while I’m still not completely fluent, I am making great progress.


I’ve talked quite a bit online about my writing progress this year, and as I mentioned above, I’ve been far more productive than I’d even dared to hope. Over 250,000 words written between books, short stories, and blog posts, and I released my first fantasy novel, The Dragon Hand. The writing train is not stopping or slowing at all. Blog posts were less frequent, however; something did have to give, a bit.


I’m also in better health than ever before, and in better shape as well. Both just because it’s good to do, and because I have aspirations to appear on Ninja Israel if not this coming season, than at some point in the future, I’ve stepped up my physical training despite limited time and resources. You’d be shocked at how much even a few minutes or working out a day, most days, will get you over time. Just like I’ve said before regarding writing, there’s no such thing as “no time” in nearly every person’s case. Stop complaining and making excuses, and start doing.


Now, what’s to come this year? Well, we’re starting off with a bang, namely the release of Galaxy Ascendant 3: A Shifting Alliance, later this month. Galaxy Ascendant 4 is already written, and if I can write book 5 at the same speed as book 4, I’ll have that done by the spring, and release both books in the summer. Cover art will, hopefully, get started soon! I will also have at least two short stories set in the Galaxy Ascendant universe appearing in anthologies in 2019. I’ve always said that the Galaxy Ascendant was far more than one series of books, and I think this will be the year where we start to see that expansion. I also intend to devote time to working on upping my marketing game, as, for most writers, the writing part is much easier than the marketing part. There’s always improvement to be made. I also aim to be more active and consistent in regard to blog posts this year, be they Galaxy Ascendant lore posts, or more extensive ones about other topics. Same goes for my mailing list, which you can sign up to here, and receive two free Galaxy Ascendant short stories.

Similarly, I hope to up my training as well. I’ll be moving soon to a different part of the country, and much closer to one of the new ninja gyms, so I’ll be able to go there every few weeks instead of once in a blue moon. The goal is clear in sight, just need to get there.

As I also mentioned above, I hope to find myself a better, more interesting, and more important army position, and possibly extend my service. Obviously, that could impact my other goals in various ways, but everything will progress forward no matter what.

2018 was possibly my best year ever, and I intend for 2019 to blow it out of the water. I hope your year has gotten off to a great start, and let’s all crush 2019!


If you haven’t already, please check out my books on Amazon: The Galaxy Ascendant series, Book 1, A Greater Duty, and Book 2, A Looming Shadow, as well as the first book in the Dragon King Trilogy, The Dragon Hand. And if you’ve read and enjoyed any of my books, please consider leaving even a brief Amazon review. It truly does help a lot.



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