Lore Post: The Night’s Grasp-class Stealth Infiltrator: A Sneaky, Insidious, and Versatile Package

Time for another Galaxy Ascendant lore post, another fun ship. Still working on concept art, and, as before, this will be updated when the time comes

Additionally, the Galaxy Ascendant 3 indiegogo campaign is reaching its final week! Any help, sharing, etc, is greatly appreciated, so I can keep putting out more awesome content!

Now, to the lore itself.

Night’s Grasp-class Stealth Infiltrator
Ships of the Line: Harbinger

Ship Type: Stealth infiltrator/reconnaissance gatherer
Manufacturer: Felinar Space Industries

Operator: Royal Felinaris Navy (Harbinger: Grand Admiral Nayasar Khariah)

First Deployment: 0 ATA (After Tyrannodon Arrival)
Length: 100m
Width: 30 meters
Height: 20 meters
Crew: 2, for minimal operations, 4-6 for ideal operational efficiency
Armament: 2 particle cannons, 2 ion cannons, 4 light plasma cannons, 2 torpedo.
Complement: 13 passengers and crew comfortably, 26 maximum capacity, in addition to combat and infiltration equipment.

History & Technical/Development Notes

While it had been almost 20 years since their last serious military conflict, the Royal Felinaris Navy wanted to plan ahead, and, as tensions between the Khadohs Kingdom of Felinar and the rest of the Galactic Alliance began to rise again, the go-ahead was given to begin construction of a new ship class, a stealth craft capable of targeted strikes, reconnaissance, and the insertion of commando teams. Making use of visual cloaking technology obtained from their Snevan allies, and highly advanced sensor cloaking technology developed by a subsidiary of Felinar Space Industries, the new ship, termed the Night’s Grasp-class, was completely undetectable by all known sensor systems, and resistant to all known tactics for location cloaked vessels. Additionally, it was designed with highly efficient, and redundant, power supplies that allow it to use both weapons and shielding while cloaked, though the use of either drastically increases chance of detection while cloaked.

The ship’s standard configuration includes a powerful, secure communications and sensor suite, though additional equipment can be added for longer reconnaissance missions. The same can be said for its facilities for commando missions. The Night’s Grasp’s medical bay can be expanded, passenger and storage space made larger to accommodate more occupants. The ship is also equipped with drop lines for deploying and retrieving operatives quickly, and without having to land.

The first ship of the class, named the Harbinger, was completed around the time of the formation of the Tyrannodon-Felinaris alliance, and its first field operations were conducted under the command of Grand Admiral Nayasar Khariah as part of her plan to assassinate those who had a hand in the Selban Massacre. The ship performed remarkably well in these operations, and more were immediately ordered constructed, initially for use in that war, and then for other uses. With more conflict looming on the horizon, there will most certainly be more need for these ships’ services before too long, though most of the actions they undertake will remain as unknown to those on their side as well as the enemy.

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