The White Male Initiative

It’s been a while, once again, but I intend to, again, try and be more regular on here, even if that means shorter posts.

It’s no secret that white men have fast become possibly the only group of people that is ok to be attacked and discriminated against. Setting aside all of the programs, initiatives, etc for other groups, just go online and see the vile remarks that would cost people their jobs if they said the same things about one of several minority groups.

A recent example that comes to mind is the celebratory reactions of people to a report showing that the white population is on the decline in many US states, or the gloating & celebration by people at the fact that the Black Panther movie’s cast was almost entirely black. Just try celebrating an all white cast. Turning a previously white character into something else as part of an adaptation or reboot is praised, while the opposite attacked.

Hatred of whites, men in particular, is being normalized, and this will only lead to more problems in the US down the line.

This brings us to the reason for this post, the White Male Initiative started by fellow author Jon del Arroz. This was done in response to a program that raised money to send “Mexicanx” (whatever that is; is it different from Hispanic?) to WorldCon 76. This program would simply do the same for white males, and of course has been met with derision and other sorts of attack. White privilege is a myth, at least in the modern day, and there are a great many white male creators and fans who could take advantage of this. Over on Jon’s site, there are some more details about this.

Now, why do I, a religious, Israeli Jew who does not consider himself white, whole-heartedly support this? It’s simple, really. Western civilization needs to be saved, and that requires whites, specifically white men. I currently live in a country that has a significant Jewish majority, and which strictly controls our borders and immigration. I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t support other countries defending themselves in this same manner. The White Male Initiative is a small thing, on its own, but the fact that it exists at all is as important. If the left wants to play the identity politics game and use it as a weapon, we must fight back. Racism and bigotry against white males needs to stop. Only through taking the risk of organizing and endorsing something like this can we embolden others to do the same, and prevent whites from becoming persona non grata within their own countries. As I’ve already said, I do not stand to gain from this program; I just want to help people who deserve it.


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Until next time, keep writing, and do not let the enemy beat us.

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