Still PulpRev

It’s been out over ten days already, but I only just saw this excellent post  by Dominika Lein, where she talks about her experience as part of the Pulp Revolution (also known as PulpRev) scene. It’s definitely worth checking out.

While we’re here, I figure it’s as good a time to talk a bit about my own experiences as a prt of the Pulp Revolution. I haven’t been a part of the scene for very long, even as a lurker, not even a year yet, I don’t think. I first found out about it through everything going on with the Sad & Rabid Puppies the past few years, though I was most definitely a lurker in that scene, in large part because I still hoped to go the traditional publishing route. When that changed, however, I quickly started to become more active in it, talking with more people online, reading more of the relevant blog posts, etc, and I have to echo Dominika in saying that the PulpRev community, as it were, is extremely supportive and helpful to newcomers. Even before I really started becoming involved, Brian Niemeier gave me a whole primer on getting into the self-publishing game, and I’ve since appeared on Geek Gab (or its spin-off, On the Books), twice now. From getting retweeted by Castalia House to working alongside Jon Del Arroz to co-opt #SpaceOperaWeek to just my general interactions with people, it’s been an amazing experience, and I’m very grateful to have found a community that I can count on for support and advice as I work to make a career out of this writing thing. And that’s not even getting into my exposure to the old pulps, which I’ve never really read much of.

As I wrote in a recent post here, the Pulp Revolution is going to win, and in large part it is because it is a true community that helps out its members. I’m extremely happy to be a part of it, and I hope to remain a part of it for many, many years to come.

The time is now to get in on the fun, and the best way to help support us is, of course, to buy our books, such as my debut novel, which you can find here.

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