When You Know Too Much

After I chose the title for this post, I realized that the title itself could be used for a number of writing related discussions. here, however, it’s when the writer knows too much. Research is important, even when writing in completely fictional worlds. There are always thing we take from the real world, and thoseContinue reading “When You Know Too Much”

Creating a Non-Human Character and Species

So last time I talked about what goes through my mind when creating my non-human characters, and it’s only fair that I share an example of me doing just that. It’ll be a little complicated, obviously, by the fact that I am not yet published, so there’s no way to truly see the finished product.Continue reading “Creating a Non-Human Character and Species”

Writing Non-Human Characters

Unsurprisingly, humans make up the vast majority of characters in works of fiction such as books, movies, video games. After all, we’re all humans (or at least most of us are) and we like reading stories about people they can identify with and put themselves in a position to imagine themselves as the characters they love. However,Continue reading “Writing Non-Human Characters”

A Memory of Light and Payoff (no spoilers)

(Just as a note, there might be spoilers for Mass Effect 3, but there will be NO spoilers from A Memory of Light.) (I feel like I rambled a bit in this, but I think I got my point across, and I hope you find it useful.) In recent months, more than one series I loved haveContinue reading “A Memory of Light and Payoff (no spoilers)”