Light Unto Another World: The Journey Begins!

It’s finally time! At long last, volume 1 of Light Unto Another World is live on Amazon (in ebook format for now; paperback will follow as soon as possible.) Yeah, this post is a couple days late; I’m still getting better at the time management thing that’ll allow me to be posting regularly here again.

But to the important part: Light Unto Another World Volume 1 is live, and off to a great start! This is definitely my second best book release, if not the best so far, and it’s going strong. Already have 2 reviews/ratings as well!

If you haven’t picked up the book yet, what are you waiting for? It’s an exciting, fun, and quick ready. Also, volumes 2-5 are all available for preorder, and they’ll be releasing monthly between now and the end of the year.

The journey has begun, but we’re still just getting started!

Hopefully, I’ll be resuming at least weekly posts here as well. Hopefully.

Soldiers are trained to improvise, to prepare for the unexpected.

However, there are some things you just cannot prepare yourself for.

Such as getting pulled through a portal and into another world.

Uriel Makkis, a young soldier in the Israel Defense Forces, was on his way to base for just another week in his tank when something very unexpected happened.

A portal opened, pulling him into an unfamiliar world, with no one to be found.

Never one to succumb to panic, Uriel does the only thing he can do: push forward to figure out just what has happened to him.

Almost before he knows it, he finds himself entangled in an entirely new conflict, one that runs far deeper than he realizes.

With no way home, all Uriel can do is trust in God to point him on the right path, and fight to secure not just his own survival, but that of those he has quickly come to rely on and care about.

With the help of these trusted friends, he must find out precisely what is happening on this new world, and do what must be done.

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