The Sad State of YouTube “Culture Warriors”

I’ve talked a little but about this before, mostly over on twitter, but seeing as David V. Stewart has written an excellent article on the issue, it deserved another mention, even if it’s mainly to point you to his very comprehensive post.

For those blissfully unaware of what we’re talking about, there’s basically a small cottage industry, mostly on YouTube, of professional complainers that got big around the time of the much-panned Star Wars: The Last Jedi being released. At that time, at least, they were voicing the growing complaints from fans who were seeing one of their favorite franchises completely collapse. And there is certainly a place for criticizing terrible, converged culture.

However, most of us are realistic and clearheaded enough to see the state of things, and realized quite a while ago now that there is no “saving” Star Wars or any other Big Brand franchise that’s become completely converged by the Left.

The only real way to make change, to impact the culture for the better is, to quote Brian Niemeier, to stop giving money to people who hate you, and to create your own, better alternatives that promote the positive values mainstream entertainment despises.

Sadly, many (most) of those people who got big complaining on YouTube either have not internalized these truths, or are being disingenuous when they claim to be fighting the “culture war.” While I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, it increasingly seems to be the latter. Their content is almost exclusively negative, whining about one thing or the other, with no real solutions or impact despite their claims that they’re winning.” They’re still desperate to get in good favor with the Hollywood types who hate them. Case in point, Zack Snyder recently disavowing the popular Geeks + Gamers channel/community on stream, after they spent months (years?) agitating for the release of his “Snyder Cut” of the Justice League movie.

And no, virtue signaling about how diverse your internet “movement” is won’t make them like you. Neither will calling those further to the right “alt-right” or “right wing SJWs”.

More criminal is their complete indifference to the many of us working on and releasing quality, non-converged alternatives. Promotion by large channels could do far more for small indie creators (provided the viewers care at all) than they could influence Hollywood. But no. Unless you’re part of their in-group, expect zero support.

Because, as has been pointed out, if they actually solve the problems they whine about, they’ll be out of a job. And then the sweet YouTube money will be gone, so they can’t have that.

Don’t give the outrage grifters your hard-earned money. They, just like the mainstream entertainment they can’t shut up about, hate you.

I’ve got a superior exciting alternative to Star Wars (and other now-dead space opera franchises) in the Galaxy Ascendant series. All 7 books are now out, with book 1 just $0.99 in ebook format!

Check it out, and help make a real difference. The better I, and others like me, do, the more–and bigger–projects we can produce!

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