Conservative Author Shadowbanned on Kickstarter

In the latest instance of forces conspiring against right-wing creators, bestselling author Jon Del Arroz’s Kickstarter campaign for his Dynamite Thor comic has been shadowbanned on Kickstarter, and google. Searching for the campaign by its name, or by Jon’s name, on the site won’t bring it up. You need the direct link. It doesn’t appear in google searches either.

More info about the goings on are available on Jon’s site, and on Bounding into Comics.

Fortunately, the campaign was nearly funded by the time this was noticed, and Jon will likely be alright, but this is obviously troublesome. If he didn’t have as big a platform as he does, there would be little chance of many people seeing the campaign. As of now, we have no idea why this happened (it is likely politics related, and Jon has some additional speculations), but at the least his project wasn’t removed outright.

As always, it is imperative that all of us who could similarly be considered guilty of “wrongthink” to make noise about this. Especially in an election year, expect to see more things like this happening.


And to those who pretend to fight the culture war but celebrate this because they don’t like Jon, we see you, and know you for the frauds you are. And when something like this happens to you, I, for one, will just sit back and laugh.

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