JordanCon 2015 Recap (Part 3)

On to day three, the last day of JordanCon. 😦 I let myself sleep a little bit late again, because I really needed it, and between that and packing (checkout was at noon), I didn’t make it down until around 11:30. Seeing as that was in the middle of a panel block, and there wasn’tContinue reading “JordanCon 2015 Recap (Part 3)”

Book Review: Shadow Ops: Breach Zone, by Myke Cole (spoilers)

Another of my delayed reviews (nearing the end of those; only 1 more to go before I am more or less up to date). Hopefully, the fact that it’s been a while won’t have too much of a negative impact here (also I’m currently in Israel, without the book, so there’s that.). Otherwise, I’ll beContinue reading “Book Review: Shadow Ops: Breach Zone, by Myke Cole (spoilers)”